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Whose Narrative?

This blog/site is my attempt to put together information about c-vir (that is what I’ll be using for the name of this PLANdemic/virus) that has an alternative viewpoint from the mainstream press, the CDC and WHO narratives.

If you have comments or criticisms, use the Contact Form or if you know me, send email.

I am offering this information to you so that you have access to alternative viewpoints, some that have been censored or buried on private sites.

There is censorship on the web and in the press regarding alt views, not only because they may be mis-mal-disinformation but because our freedom of speech is under attack.

Conspiracy Theorist is a weaponized term for Critical Thinker.

Popular truth, your truth

FROM article by Dr. Kelly Brogan

Why the Current Moment Is an Opportunity

“For some, honoring that truth may require opting out of a system that leverages fear of the body in service of ever-increasing social and civil control including coerced, mandated, and involuntary treatments – psychiatric, oncologic, immunologic and otherwise. This system (also sometimes called the medical-industrial complex) understands immunity through the billiard ball, atomized lens of separateness – the body is separate from germs, we are separate from the environment, we are threats to each other – that renders that patient (or civilian) capable only of hand washing, social distancing, antibiotics, and compliance with a fast-tracked, insufficiently safety tested, indemnified vaccine to support their health.”


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“Cognitive Dissonance renders people incapable of seeing a fact if it contradicts their preconceived ‘reality’. It’s the same with vaccines and every other fact that would otherwise compel them to consider to acknowledge they have been repeatedly lied to by a small faction of evil, corrupt people who could care less about them.”

“…far more life threatening than any virus is the affliction of ‘cognitive dissonance’ which once infected, is not easily remedied… HOWEVER, remember that every challenge to officialdom – no matter how badly received – plants a seed of untapped awareness and you never know when some other event or comment will compel that seed to grow… “


Interviews and speakers have been banned by YouTube, removed by Google…. (see what Brian Rose of London Real has been through regarding censoring of his interviews)

London Real:  
Timeline of censorship of interviews


Your Discernment

You are an intelligent being and are able to make your own decisions about what is your truth, your actions, your beliefs, your risk assessment.

***** Please, if you are not interested in any alternative viewpoints, leave this site now! *****

Do you remember when people and science claimed the earth was flat? Those who said the earth is round were ridiculed and maligned, even burned.

Am I disseminating MISINFORMATION here? Some would even try to make me “responsible” for c-vir illness/death because I posted non-cdc viewpoints.

  •  Dis-information is false and deliberately created to harm a person, social group, organization or country.
  •  Mis-information is false, but not created with the intention of causing harm.
  •  Mal-information is based on reality, used to inflict harm on a person, organization or country.

Since I have no intention of causing any harm with this posted information and I am not proposing that all these opinions and viewpoints are “true”, this is not misinformation. I’m only creating this as a place for you to peruse with your discernment.

Use your intuitive sense, discernment and check with your healthcare worker when you use any of the Healing Tools I have included for stress reduction and staying in your center.

As you look into the various sources and viewpoints I have posted here, please remember:

*** I’m not specifically endorsing all the information herein, but I strongly support freedom of speech.

*** You control what you believe using your knowledge, discernment and intuition, at whatever level works for you.

*** My hope is that I have provided you with some information to consider in finding your truth about this PLANdemic. I hope to bring you information to assist you in creating a viable personal risk assessment.

*** Do whatever you feel you need to do. Wear the mask everywhere. Get all the tests and get them again. Sign up for the vacc now.
But that’s not my way, not my truth.

Lupa Moon, Sept. 2020

“The only means to fight the plague is honesty.” -Albert Camus, 1947