Face Nappies

Here's some "stories" about The Masks, also known as Face Nappies by some in UK. 
From my research, I think they are useless as {c-vir} protection.
But they are great as a form of stifling, censoring, etc

Jul 23, 2020 14 mins
CDC and WHO Study Proves “No Evidence” Face Masks Prevent Virus

Swiss Policy Research

>>> The effectiveness of face masks…
Various countries are discussing or have already introduced mandatory face masks in the general population. In the updates of June and July, however, it was shown that the evidence for the effectiveness of cloth masks in the general population is still rather weak, contrary to what is reported in many media. <<<

From Kelly Brogan’s blog:

“The mask is a religious icon: devotion, piety, propriety, obedience. It’s a literal muzzle; a symbolic scold’s bridle”    —— Yolande Norris-Clark @BAUHAUSWIFE

Note: the Scold’s bridle has also been known as a witch’s bridle, primarily used on women.

History of Masks.net:

>>Woman of the lower class who was characterized by unpleasant, gossiping, nagging, scolding, aggression or being a witch was punished by wearing the scold’s bridle. It was also called “The gossip’s bridle”, brank’s bridle or branks. Gossip was believed to be devil’s tool. <<<

From a forum comment:

>>>all the Floyd protests and riots are as close to a proof as we can get to {c-vir} being a hoax. The alleged virus particles would be so small the masks would be useless. All of these people in close proximity, breathing the same cloud of air would spread whatever virus is there. These people are not getting sick despite the fact that all of this started with Floyd on May 25. I am writing this on June 15. Even the long-side 2 week incubation period is well over. GAME OVER on the HOAX!!! End all lockdowns immediately!!!  <<<



>>>More than three weeks after the events broke out, researchers did not find the protests reignited COVID-19 case growth.
According to the CDC, people can start showing symptoms anywhere between two to 14 days after exposure to the virus. <<<


Media Mask-Mania, or COVID-19 Groupthink

Michael Lesher

>>>a massive increase in COVID19 tests – primarily among people between 20 and 40 years of age who are subjected to swabbing because their employers demand it, not because they’re in any danger – cannot possibly have anything to do with a rise in the number of reported infections, and that anyone who dares to suggest otherwise is “putting lives at risk.”<<<

>>> It’s no accident that the symbol of submission currently in vogue is one that covers the mouth. The real message of the mask-maniacs is that we have no right to say what we think. <<<

>>>The mask – the symbol of fear, of arbitrary rule, of the abolition of normal social life, of voiceless submission – isn’t going away any time soon.<<<

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Masking Exceptions

>>>if you have

“a physical and / or mental health condition that would be worsened by wearing it.” Kind of ironic you might have to claim you’re mad to be sane, but if wearing the mask makes you depressed then arguably that could be a mental health condition.<<<

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Just Say This

>>>any or all of the following:

a) I can’t breathe properly wearing a mask

b) I feel like an animal

c) I feel ashamed

d) I feel like a criminal

e) It lowers my self esteem

f) It impairs my depth perception and sense of balance

g) It interferes with my vision, especially when looking down to watch where I step.<<<

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Satire Warning!

MASKERS:: People Who Wear a Mask in Their Car

Awaken with JP

poetry corner

I messed around writing this verse.
My apologies to “Dr. S.”

I just had to do it. — Lupa

“Anti-Masker’s Lament”
May 2020

I do not like to wear a mask.

I do not like them in my house
I do not like them so I grouse.
I will not wear a mask to skool
I will not wear a mask for drool.
I will not wear a mask to sing
I will not have this stoopid thing.

I will not wear a mask to drive
I will not join your covid tribe.

Not in the dark! Not in a tree!
Not in a car! You let me be!

I will not use a mask in fear
Because I hold my rights so dear.

If you believe,
Then wear the mask.
For me, it’s hype
This fear can’t last.

There is a truth
That must be told,
It best be soon
Or we’ll explode.

I do not like them here or there.
I do not like them anywhere!
I do not like to wear a mask!
I do not want to do this task.

I do not like this covid jam.
I do not like it, Loops-I-am.

*** Don’t Mask the Truth. ***

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