Women’s Reproductive Empowerment Jar

Though In Times of Deceit was begun as an alternative information site concerning the Plandemic, the state of global deceit is unprecedented here in 2022.

In the US women have been denied the abortion rights we have had for decades. The deceit is about the control of women’s bodies and lives.

RISE UP and use your Craft!

The Ripple Effect

“Every transformation, just like every ripple, has a point of origin. You must believe in your ability to be that point of origin if you want to use the ripples you create to spread goodness…… The momentum of your influence will grow as your ripples move onward and outward. One of those ripples could become a tidal wave of positivity.” https://grannymoon.wordpress.com/

“To keep reproductive justice alive, we must fight on terrain beyond the law, in contravention of certain laws, or in post-Roe legal gray areas. ...spaces to set up new access sites and build greater networks, while finding new loopholes and ways to be ungovernable against repressive government action — we must take such advantage where we can.”  -The Intercept
~~~ Forced pregnancy, of any woman, imposes unique physical demands and risk and in fact, has impact on  families and livelihoods.
Photo by Ramaz Bluashvili on Pexels.com
~~~  Vermont Law: ... Replace the consumerist concept of reproductive choice with the principle of reproductive justice: not just the right to terminate a pregnancy but also to carry one healthily to term and raise the child in a safe and sustainable environment; not just the right to contraception but also the right to refuse it and to be free from forced sterilization or other eugenic coercions. Build this expansive definition of reproductive justice into the right to bodily autonomy. Elevate bodily autonomy in the U.S. to its global status, as an inalienable human right.
~~~ The struggle for bodily autonomy is an international one. We can be certain that religious-fascists from the U.S. to Brazil to Hungary and beyond share an agenda to shore up patriarchal rule.
~~~ The anti-abortion movement is “the forced-birth movement.”    
To carry and birth babies women don’t want constitutes “involuntary servitude.”... Under the 13th Amendment therefore, state control over pregnancy and parenthood, including the criminalization of abortion, is unconstitutional. ... 
Substandard health care, disproportionate rates of maternal and infant morbidity and death, involuntary sterilization, criminalization of miscarriage, abortion bans — all disproportionately effect Women of Color.
~~~  From Eventide Grove
“The history of the patriarchy is punctuated by unrelenting efforts to infantilize women and control their bodies and their spaces. The patriarchy’s obsession with women’s bodies and private actions is obscene. Eventide Grove deplores the recent ruling nullifying Roe vs. Wade setting a precedent for the elimination of freedoms in the United States. We will work to restore justice and freedom to women and restore their agency over their lives. “ http://eventidegrove.org/ 
~~~~   Overturning Roe v. Wade: 
“Irrational, Aggressive, and Extremely Dangerous”
Jordan Smith and law professor Melissa Murray discuss the Supreme Court’s leaked draft decision and its implications.    
May 18 2022,   Podcast or transcript details SCOTUS cases related to abortion/reproductive rights. 

~~~  Shamanic tradition thoughts on 
Moment of Conception / Moment of Birth
>>>... In fact the body is not developed enough to host the essence until the third trimester.... Most of the time essence fully enters the body at the first breath at birth. Even then, sometimes the essence does not occupy the body and if it does not within a couple of days, the infant will suffer crib death because a body cannot live outside the womb without an essence in it.  <<<

POWER PATH   © All rights reserved. www.thepowerpath.com
--- Kelly Brogan, holistic pyschiatrist   
Thoughts on the recent Supreme Court decision: 

INGREDIENTS for Women’s Empowerment Jar

I’m invoking ARADIA for this working but there are many Goddesses to support women’s empowerment.
Make this jar your own . CHOOSE what you will for intention, ingredients and Goddess, because after all, it’s about CHOICE!

*** Picture of Statue of Liberty (see below)
*** Copy of Tarot Card (Strength, Queens, 3 Cups)
*** Paper with your intention written X3 expressing your thoughts re: Women’s sovereign right to control our own cycles, reproductive freedom, bodily autonomy, beyond the constitution, beyond the state, personal womb empowerment with an open road for women to get services they need, no $ issues impede women’s rights, extend intention to ALL women of Gaia,

liberty and justice for all …

*** Candle (fits on top of jar)

*** Jar with cover; size depends – maybe 2 jars, one lg and one small for takealong

*** Cotton or small piece of fabric

*** Salt or Black Salt

*** 3 herbs with protective and empowerment properties DRIED HERBS ONLY
Rosemary, Sage, Basil, Bay Leaf, Chamomile, Calendula, Thyme

  • Additional ingredients:
Pepper corns, Cinnamon stick, Cloves, Nuts, Beans, Thorns, Nails, Pins

Frankincense  and / or Dragon’s Blood 

3  CRYSTALS  (program with your intention)
Lapis Lazuli, Black Tourmaline, Moonstone, Tiger’s Eye
Quartz, any quartz can be programmed for protection

3 COINS -   copper


DRAW PROTECTIVE sigil/symbol/runes on the back of the pix.
Draw your protection symbol on bottom of jar, and/or on inside of lid.
Wrap cotton or cloth around the photo(s), envisioning a blanket of bright protective light.

Filling Jar

AS YOU ARE FILLING JAR, speak your intention with each ingredient.
FOLD your paper intention and place it in jar.
ADD the wrapped pix.
ADD 3 Herbs:  gently blow on it before putting it in jar. 
ADD resins and any other ingredients.
ADD 3 crystals and say, “By the power of (name crystals) bring your magik and protection to women.”
ADD 3 coins in the jar and say, “By the power of three times three, may $ not impede women’s reproductive freedom. Whatever service she needs, flows easily and effortlessly."
ADD the salt and say, “Guides and guardians protect me, protect women, from all foes of women’s reproductive freedom. Protect us physically and spiritually. So mote it be.”  
CALL GODDESS.(See more below)
CALL UPON the ancestors who have fought for women’s reproductive freedom and empowerment, first-wave feminists, Remember Dr. Tiller... etc.


Burn a white or red candle on top of the covered jar, dripping the wax from your candle over it to seal it.; wrap twine or yarn around to seal it further.



Goddess of Women’s Empowerment and Craft,
Assist me in this working to protect women’s rights 
to control our bodies.

Protect women from harm,
Protect women from injury,
Protect women from pain and suffering,
Protect women from anyone who wishes,
Harm upon the sovereign women of the world.

Protect me from harm,
Protect me from injury,
Protect me from pain and suffering,
Protect me from anyone who wishes,
Harm upon my sovereign woman soul!

 Aradia, imbue this jar with your wisdom, magik and 
fierce love of sovereign women!

So mote it be, in love, truth and freedom.
Shake, shake shake…

Put on some high energy dance music to activate your spell bottle. Connect with SHAKTI within your pelvis, womb, belly, center of creativity and sensuality. Reconnecting with feminine wisdom, beauty, and power with spiraling, circular movements. Unblocking energy, rising SHAKTI. 

Embody Spirit Womb Warrior!

Jar will need to be cleansed and/or reactivated once in a while.  Place it under the light of the full moon or noontime sun briefly, to jump start the magik.

More work for Your Empowerment Jar
LINK: Do More with Your Empowerment Jar

At my other web site, MOONWAYS.NET

It includes ideas for: 

***  using your jar for "return to sender" 
***  doing a "binding"
***  additional media to explore
***  womb protection
***  notes re abortion and pregnancy

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